Thursday, August 16, 2007

coming out of a coma

So, what do you say after coming out of a coma? How's it going? What's for breakfast? Why is everyone so old? Why do I drool when I talk?

After CM07, I put myself in my own social/spiritual/relational coma of sorts. I needed a large margin just to rest and connect with the Lord and my family, and recharge my batteries. Of course, there were a few jobs I still had to do, which I managed to muddle my way through, but mostly I went into deep hibernation.

This past Sunday Kim and I left for Colorado. We joined 350 Stinters going to 28 countries on the Global Road for the next year to bring the reality of Jesus to students of the world. Many are leaving for their destination this Sunday. This has been a great way to wake up out of the self induced exile of the last month. So by God's grace, I will begin a new journey with you and thousands of others who are connectting students of the world to the Light of the World; the One who wakes each person out of their own spiritual slumber into life and light.

I hope you'll join with me on the next stages of this journey.