Saturday, February 7, 2009

And the Winner is...

Here I am in my personal coffee corner at home. Its a happy place, and a happy moment every morning when the beans start to brew. Here's my favorite brewed at home cup of coffee. I know you've been waiting patiently -
1. Tres Rios, from Costa Rica. I get this delivered from my friend and colleague, Carlos “the Jackal” Tenorio. He lives in Tres Rios region, and this bean makes a superb cup of coffee for any time of day. It’s probably considered a medium roast, and I usually prefer bold, but this is so smooth and full of flavor, that I can drink it all day long. You can get this from Starbucks now, but it isn’t as good at the stash he brings me. When I saw *$ was selling it I was thrilled, but it just doesn’t match up to original.
2. A close second and worth your time to order is Jeff’s Java, from Mission Roasters. I’ve known Jeff for 15 years, and he roasts the beans in his garage with TLC. He’s a chaplain for Orange County fire and rescue, and you can go online and order. Some of every order goes to help a humanitarian cause. And the coffee is so good. Its bold, but not bitter at all. Perfect morning cup of coffee, every morning. So grab a couple of pounds of this.
3. Honorable mention goes to the boldest cup of coffee - Hairbenders - I’ve ever brewed, from the beans sent to me from my buddy Matt in Portland. It was from Stumptown, a coffee shop in Portland. Hairbenders is an appropriate title, and I highly recommend it just for the effect. I left Matt a message after I drank the first cup, and called it Hellraisers, not being able to even think straight after I had a cup.

So, there you have it. Look them up, order your own, and enjoy a great cup today.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Award winning Coffee

The drama has been building as you have waited for the announcement. Here I am pouring the award winning coffee from the past year (or so). The winner ...

will be posted in the next 24 hrs.
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