Sunday, May 16, 2010

Filed under "Things I don't get".

Cross cultural study of the day. I saw this minivan parked outside church this morning. Bible verses and references cover almost every inch. I suppose its not too different than covering your body with tattoos, just another form of personal expression.
But what I found as intriguing as all the verses on the Bible car, was what I've circled in the picture. Look closely above the license plate, to the left of the right rear light, what is clearly NOT in the Bible - "Go Buckeyes!!!". Clearly, a man - I'm guessing - who must label all that he is devoted too. Oh, and below the car model, is the word "Caddie". Which either is referring to the Sienna LE as the driver's Cadillac, or professing his deep respect for those who carry someone else's golf clubs and help them line up putts. Not really sure on this one.

But clearly what we have is a devoted fan of Jesus, the Bible, and Ohio State football.