Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WSN mascot health update

For over 12 years, Freckles the Wonder Dog has been the WSN mascot. On Friday before Christmas, he pinched a nerve in his neck or back, or both. Of course, at the time we didn't know that. All we knew was that he had random yelping at all times of day and night that would send us all in to shock. He was obviously in a ton of pain. We took him to the vet emergency room, and came home not knowing how damaged he was, but with lots of pain killers. I wasn't sure if they were for the dog or me. Props to our daughter-in-law Laura, a nurse who helped us figure out that the muscle relaxers were making him work too hard to breathe and seemed to be making him worse.

By Christmas he was doing better, but still in a lot of pain and we started searching for different solutions. We had heard that chiropractors can help dogs, and being the son of a chiropractor I was pretty convinced it could help. I just couldn't imagine getting the Beagle to lay on a table and let someone work on his spine.

Yesterday we took him to a vet who not only does spinal manipulation, but also accupunture and food supplements. Who knew? I had to see this, and also hope that it works, cause watching our pet in pain has not been pretty. And there won't be any surgery. I've had him with 2 paws in the grave over the last 10 days, so it kind of felt like a last resort. Let's just say I wasn't going to watch Marley and Me, or Old Yeller, or any other pet movie that makes grown men cry.

Well, the experience was awesome. The Pet Chiro really knew her stuff. You can see her treatments frm the pics. The Wonder Dog isn't dancing on his back feet (except if its begging for steak, when he seems to recover really quickly - "only a flesh wound"); but he is defintely doing a lot better, and we hope he will keep improving. He still lets out an occassional yelp but his overall response is better everyday. It looks like Freckles will continue his reign as the WSN Mascot for a little while longer, imparting wisdom during those long daily walks in East Orlando.

I couldn't believe he allowed this! And have no idea if it helped.
Well, 2009 is just about 6 hours away here on the East Coast, and over the next few days I have much to say as we get this year rolling, including -
*my personal focus for 2009
*my favorite coffees of 2008, and
*my favorite story of God using a student to touch other lives from this past year.

Stay tuned in 2009.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lessons from the dinosaur (now in a convenient Bible study method format)

On a slow news cycle, we can always pop in a story about our friend the dinosaur, and what we can learn from them. Here is what I just read:

"In families of some of the most vicious and carnivorous dinosaurs, dad took care of the developing eggs, possibly laid by more than one mom, a new study suggests. Evidence for dino daddy daycare and potential polygamy comes from the fossilized remains of three dinosaurs sitting on nests. In the animal kingdom polygamy is common."

Notice the 3 dinos fossilized while sitting on the eggs. Does it surprise anyone that men would fall asleep and die while doing childcare? My wife would say that is a common trait of all males while watching children, proving some theory of evolution.

Imagine being so sleepy that when the mudslide or lava flow came, you didn't budge. But this is how boring childcare is for men. So BOOM, millions of years later, you're a social science icon. I think they got fooled into watching Barney, which always put me to sleep in about 5 seconds. (But I heard the US military blared the Barney theme song for hours to break terrorists. Genius. Who needs waterboarding, Barney will make any grown man cry for momma.)

Also, like men today, no self respecting dino would do childcare alone. That idea would have been laughed off immediately.

Dads, don't do child care, certainly not baby care, and definitely not any egg care. You will get fossilized. And people will say you were probaby a polygamist too, when it was just helping out at a CCC conference, or the neighbors.

And don't fall for this line - "Hey honey, why don't you invite your friends over, it will be more fun for you." Nope, you'll still die, only all together. Which is still no fun in my book. Don't take your friends down with you like this.

Big Finish
Don't be duped by childcare offers, or enticed by polygamy. Stay away from both.
Let's not forget, despite how fascinating they are, dinosaurs are still extinct. This kind of behavior will kill you and eventually all of us.

You've been warned.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Evangelism Breakthrough?

Today I'm driving on the 408, and I saw my house being pulled by a small van. It even has our name - sort of - all over it. (Bubbalou's is actually a BBQ place here in Orlando.) This is one of their mobile units out providing quality meat to the masses. Which makes me think we've missed a connection right in front of our noses for years:
Bringing the reality of Jesus to the students of the world, now being served with an order of BBQ ribs, brisket, or pulled pork, fries, Texas toast, and sweet tea.
I will keep working on this brainstorm for all of us.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

This is what it looks like to be me watching "It's a Wonderful Life".
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Heading back to Orlando

Sitting in massive gridlock in Buenos Aires as I head to the airport. Its about 8 pm here and we're sitting on the 9th of July Ave approaching the famous obelisk landmark in the heart of the city.
Highlight of the time here - talking with staff about their ministries and hearing how God is moving around the world, as well as the challenges they face.
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Reaching 130 million students

As we complete our week of global meetings, we are in work groups adressing topics relevant to reaching the students of the world; like establishing global learning communities; students leading movements - not staff; and the use of the internet to plant movements.
For example, imagine a series of fun videos that students put on Youtube that tell the story and practices of student-led spiritual movements.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Argentina BBQ

Standing on the roof of the Argentina CCC National office, grilling meat for dinner. Every office needs a grill like this.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buenos Aires

Sitting with 50 other campus ministry leaders around the world. Right now we are interacting with a panel of South American leaders about leading organizational change with those who lead us (leading "north") as Bill Hybels has said. This is a very unusual concept in many cultures, and very hard to practice in any organization. But while we are to respect everyone and honor those who lead us, we still have a role to influence those in the org. who are above, and beside us (peers, "east and west"), not just those who report to us ("south").
This process is building a new leadership culture in South America.
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