Monday, February 15, 2010

Dental marketing

I don't like going to the dentist. But I have to. Again. Not just the 6 month cleaning either. On this last trip, I broke off part of a tooth while eating a salad! My teeth aren't really that bad, the culprit was an overly hard crouton. Which is only marginally better when I really think about it.

I went in today dreading these words: "root canal", but praying for only these words: "a crown". So, I've been thinking that dentists are really hampered by the phrase "root canal." This alone is a phrase that makes you want to run. It sounds very painful. (i.e. digging a large hole pathway through or into the root of your tooth. whatever, I don't really even want to know.) Especially next to "crown". Oh yes, I'd like a couple of crowns, please. It almost sounds downright Christian, like I should want crowns. This is HUGE marketing issue for dentists.

Surely they could come up with something else. Especially for those of us who think in exaggerated pictures. Which is increasing all the time in a media culture.

By the way, my appointment outcome: its going to be "a crown." YES! There will be no root canal. YES Again! Tiger fist pump. Oops, probably out of fashion for awhile.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Story of Snow-zilla and Jet Lag

Yes, we are now safely back in Orlando. But one month of being in Asia has made for some pretty powerful jet-lag conditions. Like being up at 4:00 am this morning. But that is actually an improvement. The story begins a few days ago in Singapore or Washington DC, depending upon how you look at it.

We arrived in Singapore, leaving the Stint Midyear Conference in Malaysia, preparing for a 7 am flight through Tokyo, then to DC. But the second snowstorm to hit DC was on its way (I have called it Snow-zilla, not knowing it was gathering other nicknames from other more famous people, like the President.) So, after 3 calls with United, we got rerouted from Tokyo to Seattle to Denver. Good thing, cause by the time we got to Tokyo, they had cancelled the DC flight, and we might have ended up walking the concourse for hours, eating seaweed on a stick. (All airports in every nation have their specialties.)

But we can only get as far as Denver. Turns out that Orlando is a vacation destination this time of year, with the dreaded President's Day/Daytona 500 combo. Seems everyone wants to be where we live this weekend. No seats available from anywhere to Orlando. So we spend 2 nights at an airport hotel in Denver/Eastern Colorado.(Those that have been there no what I mean.)

Then, the jet lag takes over. Arriving exhausted in Denver, we go to bed at about 10 pm and wake up, thinking its only an hour or so until morning. However, its only midnight, and we're both wide awake. After all, its already 1 PM in Australia/Malaysia. And we're hungry. With no food, except at the hotel snack shop. Here is what I managed to take back to the room for our midnight/midday snack:
Bag of microwave buttered popcorn, which was had more grease/butter on it than anything we'd ever eaten.
One Twix bar
One Vitamin Water
Bag of SunChips
Large pepperoni burrito/pizza thing

We downed everything but the burrito/pizza thing, which we eventually left in the fridge for the next guests.

We stayed up till about 3.

Next night, almost a rerun, this time starting about 2 and going til 4

Next night, home in Orlando, I sleep til 8 and think I"m back on track.

HA, not so fast. This morning, we are both up at 4 am.

Life on jet-lag. I've been up for 4 hours. Its 8:30. I'm ready for my Sunday afternoon nap.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Asia mid year conference

I wanted everyone to know that I'm breaking out musically here in Malaysia. Catch the buffet and special memories with Mr. Keith.
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