Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

from the land down under

Kim and I gave 3 of the 4 talks together. I think here though, we are telling the story of our courtship, answering questions from the audience, and generally shooting from the hip on life and relationships.

More exciting stuff: I ate Vegemite, which I won't try to descirbe in taste on this blog. You spread it on bread, and it is supposed to help young kids grow up to be big and strong. I see the reasoning behind it, because if you can take eating it for several years, then its a forecasting of how hardy you are going to be in general.

Another favorite is spaghetti from a can on toast. Also baked beans on toast. For brekkie.

More on this little journey, beyond breakfast food and courtship stories, perhaps with a different shirt on, coming up later.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Australia Student Life Conference!

We arrived in Brisbane late Sunday night to speak this week, after a trip that included 31 hours of plane time, sitting across from a 6 fingered man, and a family with a 2 year old 3 rows up that was a little terrorist with the tantrums she threw, thus holding all of economy class hostage .
We had a stopover in Perth (we took the longer cheaper route) and it was 108 degrees. The next day in Brisbane also set records. So, yes its been hot. We are on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, with all the missionaries of Student Life at their annual Nexus Conference.
Kim and I have been sharing from Hebrews 11; especially the lives of Abraham and Moses. It's been a blast for us, and we are encouraged to be with them. They are trusting God for great things in their country.
We were learning cultural trivia tonight, most of which I don't recall just an hour later. I also had some Vegamite for breakfast this morning. For breakfast tomorrow I am hoping for either baked beans or spaghetti on toast. I now say "no worries" when someone says "Thank you" to me.
Pictures on the way soon.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So you start thru security at the airport, and suddenly you realize you have left your laptop at home. What do you do? Turn to Freckles the wonder dog? No help there.

Its neighbor Mike to the rescue. I've mentioned Mike before. He is the ideal neighbor, there when you need him. Its not like he's watching our house all the time aka Gladys Kravits (watch Bewitched, young people). He's simply...there in time of need.
One phone call and 30 minutes later, Mike shows up with Mr Dell in hand and I'm on my way. Just-in-time service; trip is saved. Mike ever leaves the neighborhood, we're moving. Thank you God for Mike.
Oh yes, a few months have gone by and I'm not sure exactly why Global Road was on layaway. I'm not exactly sure why I'm starting it up again. So, we'll just see what happens.

Do you wonder where I'm headed? Well just be patient, all in due time.

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