Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 Reasons the Great Commission will be fulfilled in this generation

Dr. Steve Douglass' view of why the GC will be fulfilled soon.
1. He intends to do it
2. He has commanded us to go.
3. He offers us the power
4. He is moving today
5. His people are praying more
6. Hs people are planning more.
7. His people are more at one.
8. Non-written methods are overcoming illiteracy.
9. Scripture translation is expanding rapidly.
"Never since the beginning of time has every people group had the Bible in their language. This will be happen by 2025."
10. Many other breakthroughs have occurred. E.g. Student-led movements, films (Magdalena, Damascus); leaders reaching leaders;
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Conference

I'm sitting in Moby Gym/CSU at the Staff Conference for CCC. Listening to Tim Keller on Luke 10.
Yesterday I had conversations with leaders from S Korea, the Philippines, Central America, Uruguay, and Western Europe. The common theme - we want and need US students to come as missionairies to our countries. Help us reach more students. Help us raise up leaders. Be our partners in the Great Commission.
Tim Keller's opening comment on CCC paraphrased - if you (CCC) disappeared tomorrow, church leaders would need to start figuring out how to recreate you, because of your role in the world.
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