Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Madness in Mexico City

Spring break blew open doors in Mexico City and Acapulco. Here is an account that Enfoque Mexico co-leader Craig Johring sent to me a few days ago.

Up to this point we’ve launched the first 35-40 campuses through our staff and short term folks, like Spring Breakers from the US showing up on campuses and believing God for Divine Appointments to find leaders who will launch movements.

At our Acapulco Spring Break conference the 150 staff and students here gave away over 3500 Four Laws. They shared Christ with 546, and saw 208 make decisions for Christ.

But even bigger for the Kingdom was seeing students own and sense empowerment with the mission. I sensed we had turned the corner when students stopped handing me the contacts of the students they had met here on the beaches who wanted to start movements on their campuses back in Mexico City. They would show me the contact, and then say they were going to coach and help that person launch a group.

Yesterday on the last morning of the conference we had students fill cards listing the names and universities where they were making a commitment to go and help the friends they have on those campuses launch a movement. There were over 70 students who brought their cards up for the commissioning, and most of these students had 2-3 cards in their hand.

Craig wrote today and told me there are now 45 movements in Mexico City. Less than 2years ago, there was one movement at UNAM (one of the largest universities in the world). Read more on Mexico City from Craig and Joe Cross on the blogs I have listed