Saturday, February 16, 2008

150 bags of Clothes

6300 students at the Passion Conference gave their own clothes to students at Union University in Jackson Tennessee. That campus was torn apart by a tornado on Feb 5. Students here were asked last night to consider bringing any clothes they had to give away. This morning as they walked in the door they dropped off enough clothes to fill 150, 50 gal plastic bags. They assembly-lined them just now into a Penske rental truck which is on the way to Tennessee. Pretty cool stuff.

Oh, that's in addition to the 14,000 pairs of new socks and 5000 new towels they brought with them to stock homeless shelters in Dallas. And the $4500 they contributed to drill fresh water wells for 2 African villages. So, turns out a Passion for Jesus could actually change the world around us, if we just give people the opportunity.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Passion Conference - Dallas

Here's Kim and I in Dallas with Joe and Craig from Mexico City, at the opening night of the Passion Conference. Here's a taste of the first night's message.

Die to little things (of your life) so you can live for a role in the epic story of God. - Louis Giglio

Pray with us for a partnership between Enfoque Mexico and Passion that will bring a day very soon where there are movements everywhere in Mexico City so that every student will know a true follower of Jesus, and the true message of Jesus, and ultimately Jesus Himself.
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Friday, February 1, 2008


The picture is blurry, but there was a lot of motion in the dining room with the stinters and staff roaming for food after a day of R&R in spain. Some went to Gibraltar, others to Granada. Talked to a few folks who went kayaking in the Med. WSN buddy Ron and I opted for a couple of hours in Frigiliana, a village in the foothills above Nerja. We were going to get gifts there for our wives but got sidetracked by the view of the valley below and a bbq grill at a restaurant at the top of the village. Oops.

The past few days were awesome, connecting with fellow staff and friends from all over the world, many I've known for 10-15 years, with a common love for life on the Global Road; men who share a love for Christ and His work among the students of the world. People who have suffered hardships of many kinds for the sake of the gospel. Relationships like this create a richness, a connectedness in life that is hard to put into words. Several of us finished the evening off last night being regaled by Paul, the Brit who owns the Smuggler's Inn restaurant, and heard of his total rejection of all US and UK foreign policy, not that we asked.
After a solid 3 hours of sleep, I headed off for Malaga, and sit in the airport right now, beginning to wake up after a great latte from the Cafe Ritazza...another little oasis. Leaving this little gathering impressed by the faith and hope of the men and women who are bringing the reality of Jesus to students all over the world.
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