Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scraps from the Kitchen table

For those who are just beginning the journey on the global road, "Scraps" are disconnected thoughts or events with little real purpose or meaning, as far as I can tell. Which is why I share them with the world.

I returned on Wed night from STINT Briefing Conference up at Copper Mt, CO. (A fantastic week with lots of meaning and is a reflection of God's work in 250 lives and a glimpse of eternal impact across the world). I was exhausted and entered 2 straight days of national meetings.

I hit the fatigue wall about noon yesterday, and felt like I might pass out. After panang curry lunch, I revived enough to almost understand our conversation the rest of the afternoon. Vaguely recall something about students and Jesus, I'm not sure really.

I can get pretty sarcastic when I'm really tired. I think I only broke out once yesterday, but it was probably more and I didn't even notice.

Tried to watch a movie last night from Blockbuster, but it wouldn't work, so we watched Comedy Channel with Flight of the Conchords. If I was a talented musician, I think I would have ended up doing a verson of what they do.

Why do so many car dealership owners put their kids in their commercials? Is this marketing tactic really so wise? Don't most adults get really annoyed at children in cars? "are we there yet?", "my brother is annoying me". Do we really want that memory when we go to buy a car? (I just reread this and must have been channeling Andy Rooney from 60 minutes. I know no one under 30 even knows that guy, but the little dude is still around giving commentary on just about everything.)

And about cars, I had a new Nissan Altima rental while in Colorado. It has a start/stop button, so you don't turn a key, you just press a button. I found this so much easier on my wrist, no more troublesome inserting a key and then all that rigorous 90 degree turning of the wrist to start the car.

I mow my jungle/yard today before the afternoon rains come. Going 10 days in Florida without mowing this time of year is not recommended.

I love weekends.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stint Briefing Conference

Sitting at the Copper Mountain Conference center with 248 stinters getting ready to go to over 30 strategic locations around the world. I've been to one of these every year for over a decade, and I never get bored of what I experience here - the faith, courage, and energy of young men and women trusting God to make an eternal impact in the world. Every Christian who is starting to get a little skeptical or pessimistic about the state of Christianity in the US should come to this for a couple of days. The story line here is one of hope because of the love of Christ that has transformed their lives.
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