Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just in time for the Holidays

I went to Rome. Mark Brown from Miami of Ohio was there too. And many others. We saw many famous buildings and places. And famous people, like this person enveloped in gold fabric of some sort, on a little podium, looking like a Pharaoh or something. It moved when you gave it some change. It was out of place, quirky, odd. If you look closely, we caught it moving its arms inside the little gold suit.

I know, I know. You've been on a forced "fast" from Global Road. Let's just say, November was full...unlike the Global Road. There was the father-in-law open heart surgery (he's recovering well), a CityFocus trip to Rome where there was so much to say (more about that later) and then, well the rest of life to manage. But here it is again, time to bring you cheer and hope during the Holiday season.

Another explanation: There was no internet connection in the hotel in Rome and I never walked by an interent cafe in the whole city. Our staff told me there was one a few blocks down from our hotel but for some reason I always ended up at an actual coffee shop before I got there. Oh yes, the coffee is good in Rome. And I drank lots of it. My hands are still shaking from the overdose. When you drink too much coffee and wake up with a pounding headache, what do you drink to snap out of it?

I should say that some of our staff had wireless in their apartments and did invite me over, but by then I was usually just done for the day. Anyway, the next few weeks will be insightful, biased, and colorful commentary on the topic of students and cities and what it means to reach them, including stuff about Rome. Along with all the coffee you can drink. Right here on the global road. All for free.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Streak is alive

A few months ago, I realized I had an unusual streak going. Last December I got several gifts of coffee. Then, on some United flights I took, they were giving free small bags of Starbucks coffee around Christmas. Suddenly, I had momentum going in my favor. Throughout the year, I just continued to receive coffee or coffee gift cards at various times, unasked for. Result: I've had free coffee at home since the middle of last December. It's coming up on almost one year. I was coming to the end of the glorious run this week when Kim, my loving and non-caffeinated wife, stepped in to keep The Streak alive. She dished off to me a gift card she had been given, laying it all on the line for me. A great use of the re-gifting principle.

Some would argue this was technically breaking the streak, because she knew about it. I think it stays on, because this was of her own free will. Others would just argue that my life has become very boring to even bring this up.

I'm taking it as symbolic of my undeserved provision from God for my daily needs, each morning as I sit down and start the day with the proverbial "cup a joe".