Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scraps from the kitchen table

As you may know, "Scraps" is a little feature of random thoughts and observations that I just throw out there from time to time, much like I do food from the table to our WSN mascot, Freckles the Wonder Dog.

Speaking of...The Wonder Dog turned 98 on Monday (14 human years). He's in good health, except for the hearing loss, arthritis in the hips, a back that needs chiropractic and acupuncture, and a few unsightly tumors. He gets outside for a walk for about 20 miinutes a day. So yes, he's pretty like any 98 year old.

If I had only editorialist I could read on the state of political and cultural affairs in the US, I would choose Peggy Noonan. I love her writing style and insights. I really liked her column in WSJ yesterday. Disclaimer: Peggy didn't pay me anything to say that, as she has no idea who I am, and I will toss in the obligatory "I don't agree with everything she says", which also reminds me...

I think in common conversations this "of course I don't believe everything that they say" is in itself a commentary that we are all quick to attach labels and categories to people, to put people and those they read or learn from into conservative or liberal or idiot boxes. We are so afraid of that happening to us, and so we qualify our comments. Could we just have an agreement: If I quote someone, or like something someone says or does, I don't necessarily buy everything from them. How did that all get started? (If you re-read this, it sounds better with a slightly angry voice, but not shrill or whiny.) I'm going to start qualifying when I reference somebody with this line - "and you know I believe everything they say" and see what happens.

Kim and I went to see "Inception" last night. We loved it. We like movies you talk about after. Not just figuring it out, but discussing the different layers of stories and their meaning, like: is the main plot about the dream inception, or is it about reconciliation with loved ones and coming to terms with guilt? It was a great discussion, but then suddenly, something shook our house, it felt like we were tilting at 45 degrees, and I woke up. So, I think we'll go see the movie Inception tonight.

Okay, Saturday morning, so its time for the weekly mowing of my small plot of grass before the daily summer thunderstorm moves in.

Almost forgot. While watching the movie last night, there was a couple making out one row in front and just off to the right, which was a bit distracting. But then I remembered the "Seinfeld" episode of Jerry getting caught making out with his girlfriend during Schindler's List. Which made me almost laugh out loud.


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